Revolutionizing Mobile Security Software with Advanced AI

A leading company, Innovate Systems, has introduced a revolutionary mobile security software that uses advanced AI technology to dramatically reduce the administrative and operational burden of around 200 devices.

Fukuoka-based Innovate Systems has unveiled its latest mobile device management software, “SecureGuard MDM,” integrated with an advanced AI-powered anti-malware software called “SecureGuard MDM Endpoint Security powered by Deep Insight.” This innovative solution has been adopted by a well-known organization, Tech Dynamics Japan, to manage Android smartphones and Windows PCs provided to its employees.

About Tech Dynamics Japan
Founded in 2000 as a Japanese subsidiary of medical device manufacturer InBody, Tech Dynamics Japan specializes in providing body composition analysis equipment and support services to various industries, from healthcare, health and research to sports and beauty.

About SecureGuard MDM Endpoint Security powered by Deep Insight
This advanced security software incorporates proprietary AI technologies, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in detecting unknown malware threats. By eliminating the need for traditional antivirus updates, the software not only enhances security measures but also reduces the load on servers and computers.

Benefits of Implementation at Tech Dynamics Japan
Initially, Tech Dynamics Japan was experiencing issues with frequent software outages on employees’ devices, and sought a more efficient solution. By switching to the new mobile security software, they achieved 99% protection against unknown threats and significantly reduced the error rate, reducing the burden on employees managing the devices.

Effectiveness of SecureGuard MDM Endpoint Security
The software’s deep learning capabilities enable proactive detection of advanced malware threats, instilling a sense of security in users. Instant alerts on the management dashboard reassure administrators that security protocols are being implemented effectively.

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In conclusion, Innovate Systems remains committed to enhancing software services such as “SecureGuard MDM” to create a secure mobile environment for customers, and support their digital transformation initiatives.

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