This massive video game from Ubisoft has been in Arles for 15 years but yes, it's official, and it's still in development.

Game news This massive video game from Ubisoft has been in Arles for 15 years but yes, it's official, and it's still in development.

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In 2003, Beyond Good & Evil was released, and unfortunately it did not achieve the expected success. However, the years have restored the nobility of this game, which is now considered a classic by many players. However, when it comes to the sequel, fans have been waiting for it for 15 years. But finally, we have some news.

Finally some information

Although it has been a while since we have heard any news from her. Beyond Good and Evil 2, It seems that Ubisoft has finally decided to speed up the pace on this topic. A few days ago, they already mentioned this long-awaited game through a message on their blog. The development studio has revealed the release date Beyond Good and Evil, 20th Anniversary Editionto which they added some interesting lines: “Discover Jade's childhood and Its relation to Beyond Good and Evil 2 Thanks to the new treasure hunt across Heliz.

since then, Fans couldn't stop raving about it.leaving developers with no choice but to express themselves. To do so, a simple tweet did the job perfectly:

Yes, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development.and we can't wait for you to discover more about Jade's past in this 20th anniversary edition!

An advertisement that may seem funny, but it is enjoyed by Internet users. Many mock the fact that they will not have any more news for years.

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Long and arduous development

As a reminder, Beyound Good and Evil 2 was officially released in 2008, more than 15 years ago. Since then, twists and turns of all kinds have continued to follow one another. In 2010, cancellation was mentioned. In 2012, this development was confirmed. In 2015, IGN revealed that The game's director, Michel Ancel, has put the title aside as he is busy with other projects. The whirlwind of information will end in 2017, with the game being shown at E3 during the Ubisoft conference.

Since then, the aura surrounding the game hasn’t really changed. While many are eagerly awaiting the title, others are convinced that it won’t be released anytime soon (if ever). However, the production promises very good things. It is a prequel to the first opus, where the game will mix action and adventure in a world dominated by an alien race. Ubisoft's title is committed to delivering a great open-world experience across space, with no loading times. You will then be free to discover and explore different planets as you wish. Let's hope that the game sees the light of day in a few years and that the studio can deliver on all these promises.

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