Rumors about the Powkiddy K56, a handheld device, are probably unfounded

Powkiddy released a retro gaming handheld this week, and we've covered the full details of it separately. We covered it separately.However, the Powkiddy V10 will not be joined by the so-called “K56,” a device that was leaked almost two weeks ago. About two weeks ago As a successor to the X55 (Currently $109.96 on Amazon). To recap, Retro Handhelds shared an image showing an unreleased device, in which it claimed that Powkiddy was “making a Helio G99-powered handheld called the K56.”

Unfortunately, the site has decided not to share the source of the provided image. Instead, he reproduced the image without attribution, preventing anyone from verifying its authenticity. Retro Handhelds has since contacted Powkiddy, who has posted the following update on (formerly Twitter):

Update on K56. PowKiddy said it's not a real device, and is likely a fake according to our source.

Additionally, the site updated its article to add that Powkiddy has confirmed that “the K56 is not an actual device in development.” Ultimately, it seems odd that Retro Handhelds didn’t share a direct quote from Powkiddy that would have cleared things up. Regardless, any suggestion that Powkiddy created the image below appears to be false.

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