Blizzard admits tanking problem in Overwatch 2: Community was right

Players for a few seasons Overwatch 2 Report to Blizzard”Tank“, i.e. a class originally designed to be resilient and able to withstand a lot of damage, He is not strong defensively. In short, it's very easy to rip them off and it makes them lose their stock value.

for that Social satisfactionNow Blizzard has admitted that this is true and that the tanks need some changes.

Blizzard's message about Overwatch 2 tanks

problem Now most of them don't qualify as 'tanks,'” we read on Blizzard's official website. “Many times, both support heroes have to focus solely on the tank to keep him alive. In this situation, both tank and support can feel like they have limited options during the matchup because they're basically tied to each other.”

Reinhardt from Overwatch

“We've been doing it since Season 9 A new metric We simply call it “Tanginess”. It's more or less compared to the number of deaths a hero should experience,” continues Blizzard. “There are many statistics that determine the number of deaths we expect, and I can't go into detail here. The bottom line is that your opinion and our data are aligned on this matter.”

“We are preparing The attachment is intended to increase “tanginess”. Many of these heroes, but we do this through individual changes for each of them. These changes should be based on the specific attributes of each hero. Increasing Reinhardt's armor health is a good example of achieving both goals,” confirms the post. “It's a priority for our reserve team, and we're currently targeting mid-Season 11 or Season 12. We'll have more details on some soon. Expected changes and more concrete timelines.”

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So we have to wait for the news regarding these changes.

We remind you that the heroes have become independent since season 10.

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