Rust, League of Legends, Dota 2… What are the most popular games on Twitch this week?

(ETX Daily Up) – What games have gamers excited about on Twitch this year? Here are the latest numbers to understand what happened this year on the live streaming platform?

Top 5 most watched games on Twitch

this week, Rust displace Grand Theft Auto V from the podium while League of Legends It rises to second place in the ranking.

1 – just chatting It is still in first place in the ranking with 63.57 million watch hours. The category recorded a viewership decrease of 4.2%. Since last week, 2.81 million fewer hours have been watched.

2 – League of Legends He wins two places and is on the podium this week. The game records 64.6% more views or 16.28 million hours. In all, the number of watched hours was about 41.5 million.

3 – Rust Get on the platform. With 35.85 million hours watched, the game posted a 1412% increase, or 33 million hours watched by streamers.

4 – Grand Theft Auto V It lost two places in the rankings, despite the increased viewing hours. The game clocked an additional 2.74 million hours this week. The streamers are watched by more than 32.38 million hours in total.

5 – Escape from Tarkov The weekly ranking closes with 28.90 million hours watched by the streamers. Watched hours fell by 19.65 million this week, which is 40.5% of the previous week’s total.

Top 5 most popular games on Twitch

Rust It shows by numbers that it is the most popular game of the week.

1 – Rust Holds the top spot this week. With an increase in watch hours by 1.412%, this game makes 33 million hours more popular.

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2 – League of Legends In second place in this ranking as well. The game records an additional 16.37 million hours. That’s double last week.

3 – Dota 2 It ranks third among the trends with over 4.85 million watch hours. 59.1% increase in hours played on Twitch.

4 – Apex Legends It recorded an increase of nearly 40% in broadcast hours on the platform. With an additional 4.55 million hours, the game was ranked fourth in the world rankings.

5 –Valorant It closes the top 5 most popular games on Twitch with 3.64 million watch hours. With a viewership rate of 24.6%.

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