Samsung expands its Care+ insurance to cover theft and its laptops

Samsung has announced that it is extending its insurance coverage for Care+ smartphones, tablets and connected watches for theft and will allow two repair or replacement orders to be submitted each year.

Source: Samsung

Samsung has its own insurance service for its products: smartphones, tablets, and watches. The brand announces that it is now expanding its offering by covering theft as well as accidental damage. Moreover, it is possibleMake up to 2 repair or replacement requests per year“.

You can get this insurance either when you purchase an insurable product on the Samsung website or within 30 days of your purchase, if you made it in France.

What does Samsung Care + cover?

This insurance contract makes it possible to coverAccidental damage“. on me his custom siteSamsung specifies that this applies to screen damage, but also for example “liquid damage […] Affect the functionality of the smartphoneRepairs are made inSamsung Authorized Repair Centers Only Original Parts“.

Now theft is covered too, so if your theft gets stolen, Samsung can replace it. If the insurance covered only one claim in the year before the insurance, it will now be two.

You can insure your Galaxy laptop

Samsung continues to expand its security by taking away its laptops now. So it becomes possible to insure a Galaxy laptop, such as the Galaxy Book 2 Pro or the 360 ​​version (the convertible version).

If this insurance is not interesting on mid-range smartphones, it can be next to high-end smartphones, such as the S22 or even on Samsung’s foldable devices. The latter has a screen that is difficult to replace; If you (hopefully not) have to replace it due to breakage or malfunction (and the warranty has expired), getting insurance can cost you less.

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