Sega confirms in a gameplay video that the new Crazy Taxi will be an open-world multiplayer game

In a new video released in the past few hours, Sega revealed some details New Crazy Taxi In development, it's supposed to represent a reboot of sorts for historical arcade driving games, and it's obviously going to be great Open world multiplayerSo it presents some structural variations compared to the original.

Some of them can be seen in the video below Views of the game It shows a general trend closer to the Crazy Taxi tradition, but with new and decidedly awesome features, including crazy chassis and power-ups.

In general, the spirit of Crazy Taxi seems to be very faithfully restored, but everything is inserted into a vast structure dedicated to multiplayer, waiting to see it in more detail.

Smart game

The developers, in the video, also talk about the challenge of turning what has historically been a single-player experience into a fully multiplayer setting.

A live service style multiplayer game can be developed, which has a much larger setting and accommodates many online players.

It looks like Sega's Sapporo studio put a lot of effort into creating a buildingBig map It also allows considerable freedom of action, with the possibility to move freely through the streets and even on fixed routes, apparently enjoying the city as a kind of taxi-friendly “amusement park”.

We can see in the video chasing Along with the police, stunt-based game modes, exploration within the city, and the use of modifications and power-ups for the various vehicles that can be used, particular attention is paid to customization.

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The new Crazy Taxi doesn't have a release date yet, but it's part of a new line of games aimed at reviving some of Sega's historic franchises, including Jet Set Radio, Golden Ax, and various other titles.

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