Will Free Mobile start enabling SMS over WiFi for its subscribers?

Expected for several years, SMS over WiFi seems to be at the starting point in Free Mobile.

After launching VoWiFi in February 2022, which was initially reserved for subscribers to the €19.99 per month plan, Free Mobile has since been working on sending SMS messages over WiFi. “Our network does not yet support SMS in IMS”He actually justified it two years ago before adding that “It's planned” Then discussions began with smartphone manufacturers.

So what is today? If Free does not want to comment on specific discoveries to subscribers, it seems that this feature is ready to be activated.

According to LuisBaker, a member of the Free community, the operator will start supporting SMS over WiFi, at least that's what some lines of code suggest. According to our tests, it is not yet possible, for example, to send SMS over WiFi from an iPhone via a free mobile SIM card by activating airplane mode. This impossibility was also reported by many subscribers on social networks, with one exception.

In X, @Oquilleman revealed in mid-June that he had successfully sent an SMS to an iPhone in airplane mode/WiFi from a free SIM card (Google Pixel). Practical in situations where the mobile network is very weak or even non-existent, sending SMS over WiFi has been offered since 2019 by Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR.

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