Sony has explained why Lego Horizon Adventures won't be coming to Xbox, but the reason is curious

Gamefile's Stephen Totillo said in a recent interview that A James Windeler, Story Director of Guerrilla GamesThe reason is also mentioned LEGO Horizon Adventures is not coming to XboxBut the The description is very interestingApparently due to a desire to “push the PS5 hardware to its limits”.

We remind you that the game in question will also be released on PC Nintendo Switch, that is, all major platforms except Xbox, so the situation is a bit odd. Given the choice to release on a Nintendo console, this represents an unprecedented situation for a first-party title from PlayStation Studios, which has a rational motivation.

As previously announced, the Nintendo Switch release “Reach a wider audienceIncluding those close to families and younger users, according to Windeler.

Well Nintendo Switch and PC, but does Xbox set too many limits?

Apparently, the Nintendo Switch version doesn't address the potential A limit to the maximum exploitation of the PS5 hardware Like Xbox, Guerrilla Games' story is directed by the director.

“Right now, we're very focused on pushing the hardware to the limits and making this game absolutely amazing on this hardware,” the developer explained when talking about the PS5, but in direct response to the question of why the game isn't planned for Xbox.

“You know, we don't have Nothing to announce on Xbox This time,” Windeler further clarified the concept. The idea of ​​making the most of a piece of hardware often makes sense when it comes to a single-platform exclusive, in this case it's a multiplatform one that doesn't present itself. On a specific console.

Guerrilla Games' proposed thesis is that developing Lego Horizon Adventures on the Xbox will keep limitations to the full exploitation of the hardware on the PS5, which obviously won't arise from releasing the game on PC and Nintendo Switch. James Windeler.

While this reconstruction may seem like an exaggeration, Windeler reiterated the point by saying the game. Not expected on PS4 for the same reasons So it won't show up on Xbox.

Veronica Tucker

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