The SMITE video game reveals the upcoming Monstercat Battle Pass on May 18th

Contains different skins, tracks and items from famous artists of the popular brand: Slushii, Sullivan King, Noisestorm, and Koven

Monstercat, an independent electronic music brand, announced its partnership with Hi-Rez Studios’ flagship SMITE game. This collaboration takes the form of the Battle Pass, available from May 18. The electric paths of Slushii, the Sullivan King, Noisestorm, or even Koven served as the inspiration for the creation of four character figures, musical themes, and other elements engraved in the SMITE universe.

Alex Cantator, Hi-Rez Games Brand Manager comments: “Through this collaboration, it is Monstercat’s musicians and artists who really come to life on SMITE. The songs are of course there, but there are also many details that will impress fans. Slushii beats, in particular, match the gameplay nicely.”

With the Monstercat Battle Pass, the skin of Slushii Hades, the king of the underworld of Greek gods, turns into a DJ equipped with a mixer and speakers with the trademark logo. Khabri, the Egyptian scarab god, has become one of the most famous crabs dancing Noise Storm’s “Crab Rave”. Partially, each of the four surfaces plays the music of the opposite artist, for example by replacing the skills’ sound effects with percussion, bass, etc.

BP Monstercat also opens four music themes, which can be used as a soundtrack for SMITE. On the show: “Valhalla,” the next track from Slushii, the song “Crab Rave” from Noisestorm, drum and bass with “Give You Up” by Coffin, and “Someone Else” by Sullivan King.

Gavin Johnson, Monstercat License Manager, adds: “We are excited to have players interact directly with our artist’s content, which is uniquely integrated here in the SMITE universe. Each of the four shapes fits the style of the artist in question perfectly, and makes the most of the creative elements of the game. It’s just the kind of synergy we are looking for in our partnerships.” .

BP contains other surprises for fans of the tag. Sullivan King’s voice, for example, could comment on parts. In another record, feelings make it possible to push crabs through the air like a fireworks display. Finally, insiders will be happy to learn of the many references to the narrative arc created by Monstercat.

With multiplayer battlefields and a third-person point of view, SMITE is designed for players of all levels and offers to embody hundreds of gods from myths around the world. Discover over 35 million SMITE players for free already on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

The Monstercat Battle Pass will be available for purchase next month. Her skins will be revealed from every angle April 28 at 9 PM CEST, to mark the introduction of the next SMITE update.

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