Steam Deck Updates Bring More Verified Games

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(Pocket-lint) Valve regularly rolls out updates for its portable game console, the most recent of which have brought a welcome reduction in fan noise and an increase in verified games.

When Steam Deck launched, there were only about 100 “playable” games available, but since then that number has grown rapidly. We’ve covered how to see which games will work on Steam Deck before and now that number appears to be much higher.

according to play on linuxThere are now over 3,000 games rated as “Verified” or “Playable” on Steam Deck.

We’ve checked and checked out our collection of 911 games and there are 99 games flagged as “cool deck” in the library, although it’s worth noting that we’ve also seen some games that are said to be “not supported” but actually work and others Who just need some control tweaks to play well. So the number of games may be more than you think and it is increasing rapidly.

Besides this increase in the number of playable games, Steam OS 3.2 Update It has been announced. This Steam Deck update is rolling out and provides improved Steam Deck fan behavior. Valve says the all-new fan curve that the OS controls should make a huge difference:

“… in general, it’s smarter, more responsive to what’s happening in and on Steam Deck, and quieter, especially in low-use situations.”

This is great news because fan noise is one of our biggest complaints about Steam Deck. So it would be good to see the changes this brings.

In the same update, Valve also added the ability to instantly adjust the in-game screen refresh rate, allowing players to find a “perfect balance between frame rate, game quality, and screen quality.” Battery life.

Steam Deck seems to keep getting better.

Written by Adrian Wellings.

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