Streamer, a free game… Hunt for Anglicisms has been launched into the world of video games

The Ministry of Culture wants to regain control of the vocabulary of “players”, which was invaded by Anglicanism. The Committee for the Enrichment of the French Language proposes a new list of terms. I’m not sure everyone likes it…

Forgotten “Free Play” soon? The French language seeks to regain control of the vocabulary of video games, invaded by Anglicanism, with a list of New phrases published in the Official Gazette. video game A sector where a lot of English is usedMaybe “A barrier to dissemination and understanding by non-practitioners”AFP clarified Monday, May 30 to AFP, that the Ministry of Culture is a stakeholder in the Committee for the Enrichment of the French Language. In addition to the difficulty “Technical” With these insider terms, the ministry indicates the risk of misunderstanding “For those who do not have fluent English practice”.

The list was published on Sunday, May 29 at Official Gazette, it is thus proposed to replace the word ‘Streamer’, designating the one who streams the content in real time, with ‘live player-host’. Aerial ‘cloud video game’ should replace ‘cloud games’, a service that allows remote play without downloading. Some English easily find French equivalents, such as the term “pro-gamer”, which has been changed to “pro-gamer”. Same for the “Season Pass”, Sesame for additional content, which became the “Season Pass”. For “free play” it would be necessary to say “game in free access” and “competitive video game” became the French version of “eSport”.

Conditions “Mandatory” for regulatory texts

For each expression in English, “Experts are trying to find out if a French term is actually circulating, on video game sites or in specialized magazines”for the purpose of “Choose a translation that has already been used”The ministry confirmed.

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goal: it “The general public and professionals can use this vocabulary” Like the word “infox”, a Committee’s Recommendation Used as a substitute for “fake news”. “The terms published in the OJ by the Commission are mandatory for public service agents”and texts “regulatory”said the Ministry of Culture.

However, it appears that the French Twitch community, made up of but not only video game players, is not quite ready to change its terminology. The reactions of users of the live broadcasting platform were not long in coming. “Live host” Jean Massier, who specializes in deciphering political news on the platform, commented in particular on the announcement via Twitter.

The Popcorn account, which was broadcast live on Twitch and presented by Domingo, also joked, trying to translate in turn by replacing the term “talk show” with “talk show”.

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