Supermarket Simulator PS5 release date, is the game planned for the console?

Supermarket Simulator is currently in Early Access on PC, but is the game coming to PS5? We give you the answer.

Posted on 06/25/2024 at 10:28 PM by Slash

We're already halfway through 2024 and… We've already been treated to several anticipated titlesbut they are also good surprises as is the case with Supermarket Simulator which has been available on PC in Early Access since February 20th.

However, some people are wondering if the title is also planned for PS5 and we will give you the answer.

Supermarket simulator coming soon to PS5?

If you're also wondering if Supermarket Simulator, one of the most popular games currently on PC, is planned for PS5, the answer is Yes and no. Yes, because there is already a Supermaket Simulator game listed on the PlayStation Store with a release date set for July 2024 And the declared mention (source).

but, Supermaket Simulator may not be in Early Access on PC, given the name is Supermaket Simulator 2K24 The title is published by GAMING DEV SRL, a studio known as Exit 9 for example.

Computer simulation supermarket

It may also be a laptop made by another studio, we remember. The game is usually developed and published by Nokta GamesBut there is no doubt that we will know more in the coming days if we rely on the release date shown on the PlayStation Store.

Supermarket-simulator-noctua games

Finally, we remind you of that Many games are available for free to Amazon Prime subscribers with Prime Day.

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