Tarisland Mac Is the game available on computers running Apple OS?

Tarisland can be played on multiple platforms, but is it available on MacOS? We bring you the official response from the developers.

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For several years, I have been able to play many mobile games, some of which are highly appreciated such as Monopoly GO, Coin Master, Dice Dreams or even Tarysland newly.

In addition to being able to play it on iOS and Android mobile phones, it is also possible to enjoy the game on PC, but can it also be played on Apple and MacOS computers? The answer was given directly in an article published on the Tarisland website.

Can you play Tarisland on MacOS?

If you, like many gamers, want to play Tarisland on macOS, it is possible to do so, but according to the developers, You need to install MuMuPlayer Pro. To play on MacOS, you can download the program from the installation article on the Tarisland website (source), then follow the instructions below:

  • After downloading the program Run it to install it
  • Once MuMuPlayer Pro launched, sign in with your email address or Google account
  • Then you will see it You can play Tarisland from this emulator and play it by clicking the play button


If you want a simpler solution for playing Tarisland, you can also use BlueStack by downloading the version for MacOS. After installing it on your computer, simply leave it, sign in to your Google account, then search for Tarisland on BlueStack's PlayStore and add it to your library. To learn more about the installation, you can refer to the dedicated article on the BlueStack website (source).

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Finally, we remind you of that In Tarysland, you will be able to play with different classes and to find out which one is the best, we bring you the tier list.

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