We saw Hotel Dracula – a terrifying virtual reality experience!

We saw Hotel Dracula, a virtual reality (VR) experience that immerses the participant in the brutal world of the famous vampire!

On the program: screams, hemoglobin, fun and excitement!

We saw Hotel Dracula – a terrifying virtual reality experience!

30 minutes with Dracula and his friends!

The 600 square meter Galeries Montparnasse virtual reality space accommodates up to 90 participants. Everyone straps on a Pico VR headset and embarks on a journey that takes you to the bottom of the ocean, or up into the sky surrounded by zombies, ghosts and other disturbing creatures.

If you've ever ridden a ghost train at a fairground, you'll enter another dimension.
Thrill lovers, the experience lasts 30 minutes. You will be able to interact with certain objects and tour the famous Dracula Hotel.

Those who love video games will recognize the nods to Resident Evil with its angst-filled arcades. Be careful, you may be eaten alive at the end of the journey! You must have a strong stomach!

Should you go to the Dracula Hotel?

Despite some occasional glitches, the Hotel Dracula experience is pretty great! The graphics are convincing, and the 3D animation is good.

You can even hear other participants screaming, adding to the immersion. Although it may not frighten seasoned horror fans, Hotel Dracula has a major upside. It's a fun outing to share with friends or family (but not for 10 year olds!). For my part, I let out some screams!
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