Twitter reveals the hottest gaming trends for 2020

As always, at the start of the new year it is time to take a look at what the past year has brought with it. Although 2020 will likely not be mentioned as a good year for many, the past twelve months have also seen beautiful moments. To escape stress or to escape boredom of quarantine, many people have turned to their hobbies, including games. Topics and trends that have been very popular among video players from all over the world Twitter Now in one Official annual review Betray. We have the most important facts for you.

Games landed in 2020 In sixth place is one of the most discussed areas In the social network. The data clearly shows that people played more than usual and therefore wanted to talk more about it. For the first time in history they were in a year More than two billion tweets Written in the topic. That’s a 75% increase from last year, with the number of unique users engaging the topic also increasing by 49%.

Within the general term gaming, ten topics have emerged that have attracted users’ interest. This is in the first place Hobby games By itself, followed by News from the gaming world And after that Sports scene In third place. The PlayStation brand is the fifth most popular theme, and the Xbox brand ranks last in the top ten. While the Nintendo branding as such wasn’t one of the most exciting topics, at least it could Animal crossing It made a big impression and positioned itself in ninth place.

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Next up, take a look at where most of the 2020 gaming tweets come from. Not surprisingly, he sits Japan On the throne of the list, directly behind him United States of America And the South Korea. From the European region, the UK is represented in sixth place, France in seventh, and Spain in tenth. In Germany, games have been relatively little talked about.


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What has sparked the interest of videogame fans over the past year? What in particular did most people want to talk about? Here are the games (series) that have been tweeted about. Although, as we have seen in the first category, it can only generate the ninth biggest interest Most tweets from 2020 with regard to Animal crossing Chest. 2nd and 3rd places go to Fate / Grand Order and Disney: Twisted-Wonderland respectively. Other high-profile (series) games include Final Fantasy, Fortnite, and Genshin Impact, among others.


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Finally, let’s take a look at the gaming events of 2020 that were the main discussions. One of the last games of the year was awarded a gold medal: the one in December Game Awards Show 2020 Most of the tweets were written in the last year. The second most tweets were related to “The future of games on the PS5” – happened Chest. Electronic transcription of annual Japanese events Tokyo Games Show Such as Nikoniku Chukiji It landed in the third and fourth places View Xbox games From Microsoft he was able to move to the top five with the five most tweets.

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In addition to the ranking lists we provided, Twitter has also published more data on gaming topics in 2020, which you can find at Official blog post can find.

Are you amazed at Twitter gaming trends?

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