Tetris stock + Resident Evil 4 + 1 euro = the perfect game

Resident Evil 4 is one of those games that has still made its mark for more than the years since its release. Leon Kennedy’s Nightmare was a before-and-after sign on many levels. What if it was a portable camera, and if flirting with action at the expense of horror … Its legacy is broad and debatable, but there are those who have set their sights on managing their stock. We are referring to players from Fractal Projects, developers of a game based solely and exclusively on the said system. Called Save Room, we’re having a type of Tetris that you probably didn’t know existed, but we’ve already been told you should try it.

With over 40 levels for just €1.5, Save Room arrived on Steam last week and has received nearly 130 “extremely positive” reviews. Users who have tried it couldn’t be more clear (and savvy): “It’s like Resident Evil 4, but without the third-person action mini-game.” “Better than Resident Evil 6, Umbrella Corps and RE: Vision Together.” A sequel on a par with RE4 removes all unnecessary extras (like story, enemies, shooting, and bosses) to focus on what really matters: inventory management. »

If Resident Evil 4 Remake didn’t bring something like this…

Jokes aside, the tale offers two hours of simple, comforting, nostalgic puzzles. The inspiration is clear and not just visual. In addition to rotating weapons, herbs, and ammo boxes as if they were Tetris pieces, they combine and act as they did for years in the Capcom saga. We’ll see how the company responds to this…let’s call it “tribute”. Navigators notice! Be careful because it’s possible that if you give it a chance, you’ll end up noticing the same phrase repeating itself over and over in your head, like an echo. What are you buying ?

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    This game is an imported version. Gameplay options can’t be guaranteed French – Epic Visuals – Resident Evil 4 has stunning style and visuals that follow the camera behind and allow for easy and relaxed movement in this action game. Survival Horror Third-Person Shooter Play as Ada Wong in five additional chapters that reveal surprising insights into the main story

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