Tetris: This technology will allow you to beat all world records

Players have developed a new technology that has already revolutionized rivalries over Tetris.

Tetris Although it is a game over 30 years old, it is constantly reinventing itself, and evidence using this new technology that causes panic in the web. It appears that some players have managed to overcome one of the main difficulties in the Tetris tournaments, which is the NES console. This one is quite coarse and difficult to work with compared to the modern consoles we’re used to.

That’s why players always find, or at least try, ways to improve their performance by developing complex techniques. After high pressure, which consists of pressing the directional keys very quickly, and rolling, which consists of moving your fingers very quickly over the board keys, a new technique has been used which is a game changer.

Tapping, real Game changer

This technique is first used in competition in mid-April, and unlike the other methods mentioned above, it is very simple to achieve. This includes a quick click on the back of the NES console, which has an average performance effect of 20 moves per second.

Thanks to this technology, Jonas Neubauer broke the world record of 300,000 points because he managed to reach them in just 1 minute 57 seconds. In the process, he also managed to beat the speed record for 100 lines. So this tapping technique is without a doubt a Game changer More and more Tetris players are using. It remains to be seen how long you will stay on top, because the players have never finished finding all possible tricks to be the fastest. Tetris hasn’t finished reinventing itself and might still have some surprises in store for you.

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