The first flow tests at Martinique are promising

Free Mobile: Martinique's first speed tests are promising

Free Mobile offers promising download speeds in Martinique.

Yesterday we announced to you that Free Caraibe has activated its mobile network in the French provinces of the Caribbean. Thanks to roaming, the lucky few who are currently in these destinations with the Free M├ętropole package were able to preview the newly revitalized Xavier Niel mobile network, even before Free Caraibe’s commercial offerings were launched.

Our readers never fail to send us the flow tests, after Guadeloupe and Guyana it is our readers’ turn from Martinique to share some of the tests with us.

The widespread 4G network in Martinique thanks to the bundling with Digicel seems to fulfill all its promises at this level. The Upstream speed exceeds 100 Mbps, Enough to make some jealousy.

However, it should be borne in mind that the tests are performed by roaming, and thus the independent user makes a virtual “round trip” to the mainland of France, showing the high level of ping and the few gaps in the upstream speed. We will have to wait for the offerings launch and a local SIM to see the full potential of the Caribbean Network.

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