The announcement of the next game “Soon” reveals the art director –

Yoji Shinkawa, Art Director Kojima Productions (Death Stranding), saw the AI ​​Hub interview and revealed it Announcement of the second game The company may come soon. Let’s see all the details.

In translation Shinkawa said: “Well, yes, I’re working on something, it’s clear, I can tell you that. We can announce it soon“” Unfortunately, the art director did not reveal anything else. Shingawa is Kojima’s longtime collaborator and director at the new team Kojima Productions. Shinkawa is best known for his work on the mecha of metal gear ownership.

We know that in October 2020 Kojima Productions was looking for new employees for a new game: in total he was looking for 25 developers. Kojima said he would watch a series in November 2019 Horror film preparing for future project In April 2020 he said he wanted to create a horror game.

However, the author of Death Stranding said in May 2020 that he had canceled a “big” project that was “in the early stages of development.” Norman Reeds He also said he was “talking” to Kojima about a new project: frankly it was It prompted fans that it might be Death Straining 2.

However, in January 2020 Kojima said he would like to try to work on some Small game, Released only in digital form, while the team took care of the main project. Kojima did not even hide the idea of ​​trying to create something unique for cloud sites. Basically, Kojima can work with anything Now deep guessing is useless.

However, Kojima loves the PC world and believes he has satisfied Death Stranding fans.

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Is this a new Death Stranding?

Veronica Tucker

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