The Battle of Polytopia: A retro strategy game that adds diplomacy

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Midjiwan’s The Battle of Polytopia is a great demo of the game designed to be enjoyed on touch screens. Since its launch in early 2016, many versions have successfully added required features, such as, for example, good luck Online multiplayer. Today, a massive modernization has been launched, bringing in new diplomatic technology.

Battle of Polytopia goes to version 2.2

Update 2.2 that brings this great novelty includes peace treaties, camouflaged units, infiltrated units, embassy (diplomatic building), relations with tribes, vision of the capital, and more. The update also features several balance tweaks. Watch the trailer for the “Diplomacy” update for the Battle of Polytopia below:

In French, “The Battle for Polytopia” is a turn-based strategy game that aims to control the map, fight against enemy tribes, discover new lands, and master new technologies. As the clan lord, you must build your civilization in competition with other clans online. Offline play is possible, which brings it closer to civilization. Except for that here, everything is designed for touch screens and mobile support. This changes everything.

We saw in Polytopia

Thus, Battle of Polytopia is a short game, perfect for those of us who love world conquest games but don’t have time to play long hours. Every battle is different. The mechanics are simple, but each challenge makes you think. A strategy that works well on one map may not work with another. We can compare this title to a written game of chess. Super, fun, efficient and fun

An excellent representative of the genre, especially since it does not display any ads and only requires 1 euro for multiplayer play.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can get The Battle of Polytopia from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. It is also available on Steam for PC and Mac.

Download free game Battle of Polytopia

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