In June, the Arab World Institute invites you to live an immersive experience in the heart of the pyramid!

The only wonders of the ancient world that still stand, the pyramids and their mysteries have long fascinated audiences, as evidenced by the success of every exhibition dedicated to ancient Egypt in Paris. Having made us laugh with his comedy club, the IMA is changing gears and immersing us in the deepest mysteries of the pyramids and most notably the mysteries of their pyramids, the Pyramid of Khufu!

Discover Giza without leaving Paris

The 4,500-year-old memorial is at the center of all the sentiment, and sometimes the most outlandish theories. A true archaeological treasure, the wonder of the Giza plateau still contains secrets to this day, particularly regarding its construction. So take part in Horizon of Kheops, the latest activity from the Arab World Institute that will take you to the heart of the pyramid, for a remarkably rich sensory epic!

From June 14 to October 2, 2022, enjoy a totally extraordinary experience, the fruit of three years of collaboration with a Harvard Professor of Egyptology. You will have to wear a VR headset and a connected backpack before embarking on a crazy adventure. Along a path of more than 500 square meters, discover the history, construction and secrets of the pyramid! Walk where no one else can reach, enter the ornate galleries, burial chambers and even to the top of the memorial! Your trip will end with a rather special moment as you will be transported 3,000 years back, on a funeral boat, in the front row for King Khufu’s funeral.

An extraordinary experience, as fun as it is educational, suitable for young and old alike.

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The Horizon of Kheops – From 14 June to 2 October 2022 – Institut du Monde Arabe – 1 rue de Vosses Saint Bernard 75005

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