The best back-to-school tech gadgets What are the most anticipated gadgets and devices this fall?

Daniel Eshbiah: Among the devices I will be discussing, some questions arise about the release schedule.

First, there are Apple’s augmented reality glasses which will usually be announced on September 8th. However, we are still in the insight. There are plenty of indications that they will be releasing augmented reality glasses.

It is quite similar to what Google wanted to do with Google Glass. Google had to abandon the project in part because the communications technology did not exist.

5G was launched in August 2018 in the US. Connection speed is extended. It is enough to be able to superimpose the information on the glasses. See you on the street, I can post your profile on Facebook. This could certainly have an impact on privacy and it would undoubtedly be necessary to seek permission from the persons concerned. Likewise, if you pass on a street, and you are a follower of a certain old-fashioned pen, the technology will tell you that in the store twenty meters away there is the type of pen you prefer.

It will be a new kind of application that superimposes information on everyday life. In the museum, when looking at a painting, information about rotting work, overlapped over it through glasses. It is a real revolution. There are plenty of indications that Apple will release these glasses. Some programming interfaces in the new operating system indicate that they are intended for augmented reality applications.

This launch will be significant for Apple because the company has not created a surprise for some time. The Apple Watch has never been so great. They can hit a big hit with these glasses.

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Google, which has been working on this technology for much longer than Apple, will likely respond very quickly.

As for the highly anticipated second device, it’s all about Google. These are the Google earbuds 2. They launched the first model in the US two years ago. It was not imported into France. These are types of pastels that we put in the ear, a bit like Apple Air capsules. Google earbuds have an incredible advantage. When using these earphones, an automatic translation unit is integrated. If you are in a foreign country, and you have an Android phone, and if you say a sentence in French, the phone will translate what I say into my conversation in its own language. He will answer me in a foreign language and I will hear his answer in French. In fact, Google has made tremendous progress in the field of artificial intelligence related to language. Microsoft with Cortana and Apple with Siri are also working on this technology, but Google is starting to get very efficient.

Obviously, earphones are used for music as well. They have the so-called “passive” insulation – they do not completely block external noise.

Then there’s the Xbox Series X from Microsoft coming out. It is still very difficult to know if it will be a huge success. However, there is a phenomenon that is an asset to the company. Microsoft has launched a service called Xbox pass. It works like some kind of Netflix video game. They are already ten million subscribers in the United States. Games can be accessed on your current Xbox, even with older games and also on PCs. It caught Nintendo and Sony who didn’t plan similar shows.

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The new Xbox is still pretty amazing. It’s the most powerful we’ve seen in terms of capacity with a single terabyte hard drive in an SSD. Will people who subscribe to the Xbox game get the new console? For some, this is entirely possible.

Microsoft adopts the blue ocean strategy. The same way Nintendo launched the Wii in 2006. If you can’t win in an arena, you change the arena. At the time, consoles were battling for power. Nintendo has changed the rules of the game by positioning itself to expand the video game audience and winning the battle by doing so.

So Microsoft took a different approach than Nintendo and Sony by launching this Xbox Pass. She is very smart. The futuristic console they are about to release also has a nice look like a black monolith, “2001, A Space Odyssey” side which is very impressive.

There is also another product to talk about. Oculus Connect 6. is an augmented reality headset. It is rather a beginner level but of high quality. Oculus was acquired by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has made it possible to use all VR games designed for other Oculus headsets in this model. Facebook has developed a concept to try to get virtual reality. It’s called Facebook Horizon. It’s a bit like Second Life that came out in the early 2000s, and it was a virtual environment in which it was possible to evolve and get to know other players. Many cities and activities could have been created. Facebook has translated this into virtual reality.

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Mark Zuckerberg also specified that they sell a lot of headsets and apps related to virtual reality. This is an area that will therefore start to dominate after a very difficult start.

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