Gadgets to be presented on Father’s Day

March 19 is Father’s Day. And like every year, there is a usual problem: What should make a good impression? Readers can rest assured. ProiezionidiBorsa’s editorial staff scoured the grid for the best ideas. All suggestions are conveniently collected in this article.

It will not be difficult to find something you like. They range from the classic pocket knife, with an added touch of technology, to more complex things like a smart keychain and very useful tools to always have with you. So these are Father’s Day must-have gadgets that just can’t be missing in every man’s pockets.

Un moderno carry every day

The keychain is a classic gift item. But the classification suggested in today’s article will be very different from the usual. In fact, Orbitkey proposes the Keysmart model, in which the keys can be organized in the style of “Swiss Army Knife”. No more clutter or annoying chants in your pocket.

In the same category, BitVault Monitor from Lever Gear: a small, indestructible safe to safely hide keys, emergency medicine, money and small items. Truly a secret agent key chain!

The lightest is another great classic. But the show today is not the usual gift we have already seen. This is the Sparkr Mini. Its shape reminds us of Zippo: the difference is in the power supply, rechargeable via the micro USB port, which activates a cross-shaped “flame” in the plasma, Completely windproof. It also has a small built-in LED flashlight. Fits in the palm of your hand, like all Father’s Day must-have gadgets that can’t be missing in every man’s pocket.

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There is something for everyone

A pocket knife is an inevitable thing in everyday equipment. RegerKnife suggests a single, foldable, with clip made of the highest quality materials. Kershaw Cryo is also excellent. But there is also the very famous Victorinox, which manufactures the Swiss Army knives of the highest quality.

Finally, a tip on transporting your gadgets: the cool G4Free outdoor tactical bag. Made of military materials, it will be the perfect and indestructible companion for any adventure parent!

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