Winds blow across Italy, issues with DIM and Vodafone: we know

Wind tray back down. Hundreds of reports on social networks for new issues on the Wind Network. On the Daundector website, the peak of reports was recorded just before midnight on Thursday, April 29, and was mainly about the Internet.

Wind tray back down

According to comments made by Quipinza a while ago, Problems remain unresolved in various parts of Italy. “Unfortunately, the standard network has not been available in Palermo since last night, while Catania has had no fiber since 23:20 yesterday. 4G fluctuations… ”some users write.

Naples, suburbs and neighborhoods, the internet and telephone have been down since 11pm last night. Salerno: WiFi internet and mobile data were completely dead at 11:30 last night, ”says another post.

“Milan looks right this morning,” says one customer, but shortly after another user reported, even in Lombardy, air services Still below.

“Florence, no fiber since yesterday”, Padua, April 29 after 11 pm. First the complete volume, then the phone works, but the service is not available. After a while, we will respond as soon as possible because the operators are busy waiting for 25 minutes with the message he recorded, ”reads other reports.

Problems have also been reported DIM and Vodafone Station

For reports for Windrey We include those for that as well DIM and Vodafone station, which recorded significant inefficiencies. Turin, Vodafone, for example, did not work properly. Tito in Milan and many parts of northern Italy. Piedmont and Lombardy seem to be the most affected areas at this time.

Difficult Contact customer service, Which is always busy. What you can do if you have problems is to open a support ticket using social channels.

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Recently, problems with the WinTrai network have been repeated with certain frequencies, causing many users to threaten to leave the provider.

Last March 7 and 8 Thousands of customers for example Windrey Detected serious disruptions, mainly involving mobile apps and customer service. Not only that: according to social reports, there were a lot of issues in the offers section, from which new mobile ads could not be activated.

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