The first game from the Xbox The Initiative studio with weapons, gadgets, and cameras. The perfect dark? | Xbox One

In this list of 15 in-house Xbox studios at Microsoft, there’s one that’s definitely special, and it’s The Initiative. The new studio built from scratch has been enlisted en masse in recent months and the first clues appear for one of their games.

This is for sure Linkedin That happens with the profile of Christopher Ng, a developer who worked for 8 months on The Initiative until last February

The developer announced that they have worked on Unreal Engine 4, which is not surprising. Another more interesting line:

Design and scenarios for various weapons, tools, and a surveillance camera system for an undeclared project.

Hence, this game under development at The Initiative would be quite contemporary if we were to believe the work shown here. Some are already seeing the return of the Perfect Dark license as the franchise celebrates its 20th year this year. Last December, Phil Spencer referred to the initiative as “ An incredibly talented studio that challenges itself to do new (and old) things ) in another way. “ The return of Perfect Dark will still be with this assumption, but nothing confirms it at the moment.

Based on what our sources told us a while ago, there are many teams currently on The Initiative to work on several projects. When we see several hires since the studio announcement, we’re not surprised. So it is possible that the game we’re talking about today wasn’t the first to be revealed. Still a little impatient …

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