Steam beats PlayStation and Xbox in monthly number of active users –

Valve released its annual data report yesterday Steam. We came across a lot of information about the success of the site, but one of the most interesting and significant data Number of active users per month. Steam can really be trusted 120 million Of players. This value allows you to beat the most recent official stats on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

In particular, according to a press release from Sony Interactive Entertainment in early July 2020, The PlayStation Network can count on 103 million Of monthly active users. This number may have changed (positive or negative) in the last six months, but we have no official information on this. Xbox Live, on the other hand, has 100 million According to Bill Spencer’s report released in an interview with CNN last September. In this case, the figure may have undergone some minor changes during the autumn months.

We also remind you that this number represents the number of players who have been using the operating system for over 30 days, so the number of Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live subscribers is obviously high.

2020 was an important year for video games: the Govt-19 epidemic triggered many Engage yourself more in video games, Otherwise discover this new interest. On both consoles and PCs, the number of users has increased and sales of games (especially in digital form) have increased.

If you want to find all the data on the success of Valve and Steam, you can find them in our exclusive news: Steam, data on rise for 2020, wants to land in China in 2021.

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