The idea of ​​Fortnite’s no-build mode divides players to make the game easy to use

The fun you have in Fortnite largely depends on your ability to adapt to the building mechanics that separate it from other battle royals. So much so that the idea of ​​a “no-build” mode was floated in the community, but the debate divided the player base.

Despite being in its third chapter, Fortnite still attracts millions of dedicated players every day. The battle royale formula crafted by Epic has left Fortnite dominating the gaming space over the past few years, and it’s showing signs of slowing down.

New ideas have emerged over the years, with Chapter 3 featuring devastating hurricanes and the awesome Columbus. But it’s the oldest feature in Fortnite that recently sparked a huge discussion – the build.

Building has always been an integral part of the game, and many fans believe that the permanent “no building” mode will be ideal for those who prefer a traditional third-person shooter. However, the idea sparked heated debate among Fortnite players, and the community was divided.

Epic Games

Sites like this are common on the Fortnite map.

Reddit user blame nji They raised the issue again, and their posts received more than 700 responses. Many of these responses seem to support the idea of ​​a no-build mode, to give those who weren’t good at creating structures a more equal playing field.

“I like a mode with no constructions/limited stacks. It would be fun for a normal player like me,” one player said. “When I die, I’d rather be someone better at shooting than me, not because I spent all my ammo destroying an infinite wall.”

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Other regular users have argued that the time commitment required to become a competitive builder is too great. The no-glitch mode will allow them to enjoy Fortnite without being overwhelmed by hardcore gamers.

“Not everyone wants to spend the time doing anything but practicing building. I don’t have dozens of hours a week to sit and grind. A situation where he can’t build the best would be greatly appreciated.

Why are so many people against no-build mode or limited stack mode when someone loves everything about the game except building this would be a great addition to the game. beganing of FortNiteBR

Presenting it as a separate mode gives players an option they want to get into. But some believe that no-build mode will harm the game as a whole.

“Are you really that stupid? One user said that the only reason this game is different from other BR is because of the building, as removing it would completely destroy the purpose of the game.” “You can’t expect OG Fortnite to come back, people need to improve the game.”

“You’re just making excuses about why you’re in the game, blaming this game and not you.”

The debate over the permanent introduction of a game like this seems to have divided the community. But Epic still has the option to integrate it as a limited-time unit similar to Chapter 2’s Imposters mode.

This way, developers can test the waters before making it a permanent feature. Given the heat in which the topic has been discussed, you can understand the frequency.

Until Epic bites the bullet and drops Fortnite’s “no build” mode, or answers calls for one of them, the discussion doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

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