The long-awaited mobile WoW is finally here

Tarisland, the new MMORPG from Locojoy and Tencent, has been presented as a mobile WoW game. But can we really compare this game to the standard of the genre? It's still too early to tell, but it's promising.

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In recent years, MMORPGs have multiplied on mobile devices, but none have yet been able to dethrone World of Warcraft. Locojoy and Tencent's new game Tarisland aims to change that.

It was introduced as ” Wow mobile“, players are eagerly awaiting this cross-platform MMO.

The servers will be open tomorrow on iPhone, iPad, Android and PC, but you can already download the game in advance: don't hesitate: there are several gigabytes to download.

At first glance, Tarisland looks like a classic cross-platform MMO. It offers nine classes, with two specialized talents to learn and eight end of the day.

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In addition, there are many PvE and progression activities, such as exploration, fishing, parks, and professions that you can learn. Arena PvP will also be available at launch. In short, Tarisland seems to have all the ingredients needed to please MMORPG fans.

Seasonal model of Tarysland

Tarisland will follow a seasonal model, with new content added each season. Players can expect new maps, more story content, new dungeons, additional game modes, and more features.

Season 0 titled ” The secret of the hollows “, you'll start with five dungeons for 5 people and eight raid bosses for 10 players to challenge. The dungeons will have different difficulty levels, which can come in handy with a cross-platform MMO and different control schemes.

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