VR.cam reinvents virtual reality streaming with the new VR.cam 02

The world of streaming is constantly evolving, constantly striving to deliver more and more immersive experiences.

To meet this increasing demand, the company VR.cam has taken on the bold challenge of reinventing virtual reality (VR) with the launch of the new VR.cam 02.

Specially designed for live streaming in VR180 format, VR.cam 02 delivers an immersive experience with outstanding image quality, the volumetric effect of human vision and offering full immersion thanks to its stereoscopic capture.

Main characteristics

  • Video resolution and format : The VR.cam 02 records in 4K in SBS (side-by-side) format, providing a resolution of 1920 x 1920 pixels per eye. It can also capture images using a single lens at a resolution of 1600 x 896 at 30 fps.

  • Optics and sound : Equipped with glass fisheye lenses with a 160 degree field of view, it also includes a built-in omni-directional stereo microphone.

  • Connection : The camera connects via a USB-C port, making the installation easy to plug and play without the need for external power.

  • Compatibility : It's compatible with Windows 8 and later, macOS 10.10 and later, ChromeOS 29 and later, as well as Android 14 devices, which require at least 2GB of RAM to stream 1080p video.

Versatile and innovative solution

Designed specifically for VR180 broadcast, this advanced camera captures 3D moments with exceptional depth and clarity. Imagine being able to see your loved ones in 3D when they are thousands of miles away, as if they were right in front of you, sharing family events, birthdays, or even everyday moments in real time.

The VR.cam 02 is not only ideal for family interactions, but it also suits a variety of other uses. It lends itself to live events, such as concerts and theatrical performances, capturing the essence and mood of the event in an immersive way that transcends the traditional boundaries of video.

Content creators can also use this camera for online chats, tutorials or documentaries, providing their audience with a captivating experience that enhances a sense of presence and engagement.

With VR.cam 02, families and content creators have technology that not only breaks down geographical barriers, but also enriches social interactions, making them more real and tactile, even through a screen. It's a major advance in how experiences are shared and experienced remotely, adding a new dimension to human connection in our increasingly digital world.

3D broadcast procedures

To stream VR180 3D for free, start by purchasing a VR180-compatible camera, which shoots with dual lenses for a 3D experience.

Configure this camera to get the desired resolution and refresh rate, then use streaming software like OBS, perhaps with VR plug-ins.

Connect the software to a VR180-enabled platform, such as YouTube, using a specific streaming switch. Make sure your broadcast space is well-lit and visually suitable for aspherical viewing. Before releasing your stream publicly, run private tests to fine-tune settings and ensure stream quality. Remember to use a reliable internet connection and promote your streaming session via social media to attract viewers.

With this launch, VR.cam represents a milestone in the field of virtual reality streaming, providing an innovative solution that meets user expectations and opens up new possibilities for the future of virtual reality.

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For more information about VR.cam 02, visit the official website VR.cam.

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