This innovative invention allows you to get an eSIM whatever your mobile phone is a service that allows you to use an eSIM with any Android mobile phone, even if it does not support this function.

Among the great technological developments of recent years in the field of mobile networks is, without a doubt, the eSIM function, thanks to which you can link a second SIM to your smartphone without it being physically present in your device.

The negative point of this technology is that at the moment there are few devices that are compatible with this function and all of them are high-end terminals such as iPhone, Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22.

Make your mobile phone eSIM compatible with

But now, thanks to the middleware Esper, the blog created by former XDA-Developers editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman, we have just discovered an ingenious invention that will allow you to get an eSIM whatever your mobile phone.

With, you can use an eSIM on any Android smartphone is a service offered by German company Telco Village that allows any Android mobile phone to be eSIM compatible, even if it did not have this functionality originally.

In fact, on the homepage, the Berlin-based company states that its service is compatible with any Android device and works in any country and with any mobile network.

This innovative invention allows you to have an eSIM whatever your mobile phone

So, to start enjoying this service, just follow some simple steps:

  • Buy an on their website
  • Insert the said card into one of the station’s SIM card slots
  • Download the app from the Play Store
  • Scan your carrier’s QR code to download an eSIM profile to your device

The first thing to keep in mind is that once you perform these actions, the eSIM profile you just downloaded will not appear like this on your Android mobile, as the Google operating system detects this card as if it was a traditional SIM. In fact, the app, which we leave you with the direct link to Google Play at the end of this article, cannot access the Android APIs for eSIM management.

This innovative invention allows you to have an eSIM whatever your mobile phone

Although the card provided by the eSIM looks to me like a regular SIM, it really isn’t, because traditional SIM cards come with a piece of silicon containing a low-power processor and a small amount of internal storage. The software that communicates with the reader is called UICC or Universal Integrated Circuit Card, while in cards this piece of silicon is called eUICC or Universal Integrated Circuit Card, which makes it possible to manage several eSIM profiles. prices

The different tariff plans for

When purchasing an card, you can choose from four different modes:

  • Single: You can use an eSIM in one device and their prices vary depending on the number of eSIM profiles:
    • Up to two eSIM profiles: €23.64
    • Up to 5 eSIM profiles: €28.38
  • Multiple: You can use the eSIM in several devices of the same brand but not at the same time, and their prices are as follows:
    • Up to two eSIM profiles: €37.85
    • Up to 5 eSIM profiles: €42.59
    • Up to 5 eSIM profiles: €47.33
  • Omni: The eSIM can be used on any Android device and allows you to use two eSIMs at the same time. It has up to 15 eSIM profiles and is priced at 66.28 euros.
  • Dual: As its name suggests, we send two eSIM cards that can be used at the same time on any Android mobile phone. These two cards contain up to 30 eSIM profiles and cost 123.13 euros.

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