The September 15 update was released, a great update with many new features –

Sony announced tomorrow, September 15 2021, new will be released Update Per PS5. This is a great update that introduces many new features related to user interface, files, 3D audio, SSD memory expansion and more.

First, the PS blog provides dedicated newsUser interface Of the PS5. There will be new ways to customize the console’s control center by hiding or marrying various menu options. Additionally, Game Base allows you to view and write messages directly to friends and parties.

Also, after the September 15, 2021 update, if you have one PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game, These will appear separately in the home and library (“Installed” type), with the reference site identifier. Additionally, you can pause the screen reading process, restart it, or resume what you just read.

Now, the players PS Now They can choose between 720p and 1080p (depending on the game, always). In addition, there will be a new test for the PS5 connection, which will allow problems to be identified and resolved. This is a new type of award assigned to other online players: “Leader”.

When players compete in challenges for a better time or higher score and set a new personal best, the video clip of the action will be automatically recorded. Players can share their personal best clips directly from the Challenge tab in the Control Center or from their media gallery. Players have direct control over this process through capture and broadcast systems. The PS5 will have a new one as well Cup Progress TrackerIt allows you to track the progress of five trophies per game from the control center.

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Now, in addition, the built-in speakers of televisions can also play Audio 3D. PS5 gamers can measure their room acoustics using a microphone on their dualSense wireless controller to use the best 3D audio system for their room. Additionally, players with a 3D Pulse wireless headset now have access to the balance settings within the sound controls, allowing you to customize the sound profile to your liking.

Added to this is the fact that tomorrow, September 15, 2021, PS5 players will be able to Use the M.2 SSD memory expansion Console. Here is our guide on how to insert an SSD in the console.

In addition, some new features are coming for PS4, PS App and PS Remote Play. Depending on the console theme, Craps and Limited Edition cookies for PlayStation and Ringo promotion, up to PS5 are here.

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