Apple, Samsung, Sony… the most trusted brands of smartphones, computers or TVs

The life span of home appliances varies greatly from one product to another, especially for multimedia devices. If an SLR camera lives an average of 16 years without major problems, on the other hand you will have to count on a life of just four years for a smartphone, seven years for a laptop or 10 years for an LED TV. Fnac Darty collection, just revealed Annual after-sales service scale (After-sales service), 76 categories of products were examined and analyzed to provide Every brand has a degree of sustainability.

This degree takes into account both the reliability of the products, that is, whether they break down or not, as well as their repairability – the ease of finding spare parts to repair so that they will not be replaced. For an exceptionally new product. In collaboration with the Harris Interactive Institute, the Fnac Darty Aftersales Service Scale analyzed responses to surveys from 41,000 Darty customers who made a purchase between July 5 and August 27, 2021. The study also considers 721,000 interventions carried out by Darty’s aftersales service between August 2020 and July 2021 on 76 types of devices during the first two years of warranty.

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We were particularly interested in the multimedia devices classified in this bar: LED TVs, touch panels, smartphones, connected watches, laptops or even printers.

for each category, Find Top 3 Trusted Brands, i.e. obtaining the highest sustainability score in its class:

LED TV – Class Average Sustainability Score: 95

Unsplash / Shohan Muniz

1. Sony – Result = 121

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2. Samsung – score = 120
3. Philips
– score = 120

For LED TVs, the average life span is 10 years, according to the scale. 42% of purchases of a product of this type are due to a malfunction, 25% to the replacement of a still working device and 33% to new equipment i.e. the purchase of an LED TV because the customer did not have one yet.

Touch Screen Tablet – Class Average Durability Score: 144

Unsplash / Kelly Sekima

1. apple – Score = 169

2. Samsung – score = 142
3. Huawei
– score = 140

6 years: This is the average time you use a touchscreen tablet. In terms of purchases, 58% of customers do so because they have never had a tablet before. Only 29% of purchases are due to a malfunction and 13% to the replacement of a still working device. Only the Apple brand is above average with a sustainability score of 169.

Smartphone – Average Class Durability Score: 111

Unsplash / Eddie Pool

1. apple – Result = 137

2. Samsung – Result = 136
3. Huawei
– Result = 121

According to the Fnac-Darty Aftersales Service Scale, a smartphone lasts an average of 4 years and 47% of purchases result in a breakdown. So the most powerful brands are Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Among the poor performers we find Wiko (score of 105), but especially Nokia (86) and Logicom (68).

Smart Watch – Average Durability Class: 71

Unsplash / Onur Binay

1. apple – score = 141

2. Huawei – score = 108
3. Samsung
– score = 88

The life of a connected clock will be 7 years according to the Fnac-Darty scale, but with significant differences depending on the manufacturers. While Apple, Huawei and Samsung are doing well, brands Withings (sustainability score: 27) and Fitbit (12) are lagging behind.

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Laptop – Class Average Durability Score: 132

Unsplash / Blast

1. apple – Result = 153

2. HP – score = 132
3. Lenovo
– score = 132

If you buy a laptop, you will be able to use it for an average of seven years without major problems. The most resistant of them are sold by Apple, the only above-average brand, HP and Lenovo. On the other hand, it is the most fragile Dell laptop with a durability score of 118.

Multifunction Printer – Durability Class Average: 107

Unsplash / guarded homes

1. Brother – score = 142

2. Canon – Result = 104
3. HP
– score = 101

If the printer lasts an average of 8 years, 63% of purchases of this product are consecutive with a breakdown and only 28% to equip itself for the first time. Brother is the most reliable barometer brand.

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