These are the top 5 gaming deals

Steam Summer Sale has become almost an annual ritual for many players. It saves a lot of weeks up front to secure the best deals. Here you can find out which games are really discounted hard and why they are worth buying.

The dirt franchise is in the Steam Summer Sale

Most of them are familiar with lovingly designed off-road arcade racing games dirt series a favour. The series is developed by Codemasters, who are not only behind Dirt but are also behind the official Formula 1 series games. Whether it’s competing against friends or in the convenient single player mode, Dirt is simply fun. The game is easy to learn even for beginners and you don’t have to be a car expert to keep track of things.

Popular racing games are now available on Steam Summer Sale at up to 75 percent off. Probably the best deals are Dirt 4, Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0, all available for less than €5. The latest title in the series, Dirt 5, has also been reduced by 60% and currently costs only €22 instead of €55.

Evil spirits

The Evil spirits The games have achieved cult status among gamers. If you are looking for a challenging game that will test your skills, then you have come to the right place with Dark Souls. Just don’t get discouraged if you get stuck, almost everyone feels at some point during the game!

Dark Souls III sales are currently down 75 percent, as is its predecessor Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. Dark Souls III is now available for 15 euros, part two for only 10 euros. The other bonus is the DLCs, which are also reduced by 50 percent. So if you already own Dark Souls and want to expand your game a bit, it’s especially worth it now!

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Dark Souls is one of the hardest video games out there.

The Batman franchise is on Steam Summer Sale!

Bruce Wayne by day and Batman by night, everyone knows the superhero from many movies and comics so far. In addition to TV and movies, Batman comes to your screen in a different format than a video game. Slip into the role of a legendary superhero and protect Arkham City from evil.

In the Steam Summer Sale, this is Batman franchise by up to 80 percent. The Game of the Year version of Batman: Arkham City is currently available for only €12 instead of €60. Other games in the series have also been reduced by up to 80 percent, the Lego Batman Trilogy Pack even by 90 percent! Instead of 50 euros, you can now buy this package for only 5 euros.


When posted, hit Subnautica literally waves. Immerse yourself in an exciting underwater world with VR support and explore worlds that remain hidden from you. Try to survive in the distant strange water world and at the same time discover the story of the distant planet. What wrecked your spaceship? What happened on this planet before you arrived? All these questions are waiting for you to clarify.

In the Steam Summer Sale, you now have the opportunity to purchase the game at a 50% discount. Instead of €30, you now only pay €15 for an open world VR game. But don’t worry, the Subnautica game world is also open to players who don’t have a VR headset.

outer worlds

The long-awaited RPG from Obsidian Entertainment is also now available for sale. Obsidian Entertainment is still associated with Fallout: New Vegas by many players, which has captured the hearts of fans. Explore a distant colony in this new space RPG. Your decision will determine how the story develops, so think carefully before you act!

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In the summer sale on Steam outer worlds It is currently reduced by 60 per cent and is therefore available for only €24 instead of €60. The Outer Worlds has been compelling since its release and has won many awards. If you haven’t had the chance to discover this distant world yet, here’s the perfect opportunity now!

More titles in Steam Summer Sale

In addition to the aforementioned perks and games, hundreds of other games are now of course scaled down to various degrees on Steam. While some perks are completely ignored by the sale, others are the real deal.

For example, there are also existing titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 movie by 33 percent, as well Battlefield V It is 75 percent cheaper to sell. We cannot give you all the offers here, which is why we recommend that you browse again for yourself. Games of almost every genre are currently discounted, so take a look around.

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