This great city proves its administration in the Metaverse region

Since Mark Zuckerberg decided to make the metaverse his priority, we’ve seen this concept used in all sauces. Remember that this is a kind of embodied internet that everyone can access through a virtual reality headset.

Culture, sports, e-commerce, remote work and adaptation are going well, without us always being convinced of the importance of this technology in the future. For its part, the city of Seoul decided to strike a blow by placing its municipal administration in the Metaverse District.

Public services and virtual tourism in Metaverse

During a recent MIT conference, Jong-Soo Park, Seoul’s director of smart city policy, presented the project. At the moment, what is on offer looks more like a gadget, so you can create your own avatar and explore the municipal buildings, including the mayor’s office.

In the long term, however, the promises become more realistic and motivating. It will therefore be possible to request information on your real estate or tax return, or file a complaint directly on the metaverse.

As mentioned by our colleagues from VentureBeatThe idea is thus to bring citizens closer to public services, while overcoming certain constraints of time, place or language that can be encountered in the real world.

Finally, the development of the metaverse in Seoul takes a tourist aspect by giving the possibility for people from all over the world to visit attractions or historical reconstructions. Virtual festivals and major museum fairs are already on the horizon.

It should be noted that virtual tourism has experienced a real boom thanks to the pandemic and travel restrictions. We were talking to you especially about this concert which was organized in virtual reality in Finland which attracted over a million spectators.

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