This is a huge digital archive of electronic culture

Under development for two years, Music, makers and machines It is gigantic Digital archive For electronic culture. It takes the form of many wonderful interactive online galleries with elements of augmented reality.

Robert Mog / © Bob Mog Foundation

With over 13,000 archive photos and videos, 360-degree guided tours, and 200 museum exhibits and scans Three-dimensional The tools, the archive created by Google Arts & Culture and more than 50 partners from around the world, is enough to make you dizzy. Music, makers and machines Accompanied by a plethora of articles that teach us about the rich history of electronic music, its inventors, and the various scenes that made it emerge and its pioneers. The archive attests to the cultural importance of electronic music, as the number of topics covered is large. We cross the decades, from the earliest beginnings of concrete music to our highly interconnected era as the barriers of musical genres are erased.

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This digital exhibition does not impress it: Seeing and reading everything it has to offer can take hours. This is why it offers different content according to the interests of the internet user, whether he prefers music, is passionate about music production or the ceremonial aspect of electronic music. Those lucky enough to be equipped with virtual reality headsets will also be able to interact with the models Three-dimensional Other tuning devices, drum machines and samplers.

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This collaborative initiative aims to carve the legacy of electronic music into stone (or rather, integrated circuits), and its contribution to art and culture. It is freely accessible to all, and aims to constantly enrich and maintain it permanently via the Internet. Hopefully, these servers won’t catch fire.

Music, makers and machines


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