This is? Put Windows 10X on hold

Anyone who has been following Microsoft for a long time knows that the ad, trailer, or specific plans shouldn’t lead to a product release. It now appears to have arrived on Redmond’s new, lightweight OS with Windows 10X. Which was supposed to appear this year for classic form factors such as laptops in the education sector. Microsoft wanted to stem the progress of ChromeOS and finally implement a modern operating system without legacy. But for now, that probably won’t work. If it will appear at all.

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Windows 10X is on hold – Focus completely on Sun Valley Update

Colleagues like from Petri Report, Microsoft has suspended 10x indefinitely. The new OS has already been delayed many times before. Originally, the new, flexible Windows should have appeared with Surface Neo in Fall 2020. As we know, nothing came of it, and the Neo has been postponed indefinitely. Now, at least for now, you seem to be fully braking.

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Insider Fellow Zach of Windows Central confirms the information based on his own sources. For example, Microsoft completely stopped testing with Windows 10X internally in February. Instead, the Redmond-based company now wants to focus entirely on the well-known Windows 10 operating system and prefers to make it look and work. So the focus now is on the Sun Valley Fall Update, which should finally create a unified, modern look for Windows. Many of the 10X elements should also find their way into classic Windows. So the previous work at least was not in vain. At Microsoft, it is currently pointless to run a second operating system and focus all the resources on Windows 10. And whether or not Windows 10X will appear completely open. It’s very likely that in a few years, Microsoft will quietly announce the end of 10X via blog post. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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