This is the first room-temperature quantum computer

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An Australian facility recently became the first in the world to combine a “quantum accelerator” with a supercomputer based on traditional architecture.

big step

Unlike classical computers, which process data as binary bits (0 or 1), those in quantum machines (known as qubits) can exist in a simultaneous superposition of these two states. This results in an exponential increase in their processing power.

Big problem: most current quantum devices use qubits superconductors, which operates only at temperatures slightly above absolute zero. The necessary cooling systems turned out to be especially bulky, expensive and energy-consuming, which limits the possibilities of using such machines.

quantum brilliance He developed a quantum processor capable of operating at room temperature, whose qubits consist not of superconductors but of lattices of diamond, proving to be less sensitive to thermal vibrations and more resistant to mechanical shock.

The new chip was recently installed in Pawsey Center for Supercomputing Research From Perth. According to the Australian company, this is the first time a quantum computer has been integrated directly into a rack of a conventional supercomputer. In this case, the device Cytonex It happens to be the fastest machine of this type in the Southern Hemisphere.

Accelerate scientific discovery

The facility will be used to test hybrid computing models, allowing researchers to assign specific computational tasks to the quantum processor to take advantage of its unique capabilities. While this extra processing power promises to speed up scientific discovery, such a device would also allow researchers who previously had no access to quantum computers to learn about it.

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This will provide a test base where real applications can be demonstrated, and will allow our researchers to work more efficiently. ‘, it was highlighted Mark StecklesCEO of the company با.

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