This is what it means

This is how you can easily hide or activate the bag icon on Xiaomi phones running Android 11.

If you have Xiaomi device recently updated to Android 11, it is likely that in the top bar or notification bar you will see a file bag icon.

The first thing you should know is that you don’t have to worry, because this little icon represents How do Xiaomi devices work. If you still do not know what it is, we will tell you about it below.

The bag icon on the Xiaomi mobile phone: this is what it means

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What is the work situation and what is its purpose?

The in working mode or so About the job, is a feature found on Android devices with the extension The latest versions of the operating system So in case Xiaomi stations, Necessary for various business management.

What is the work situation and what is its purpose?

The meaning of the bag icon on Xiaomi phones

More precisely, any device with Android 7.0 or higher has this working mode. In the case of Xiaomi mobile phones, it allows the proper implementation of functions related to dual applications or MIUI second space.

This way, if for some reason this function is disabled, MIUI will not be able to perform the actions we mentioned above, and ask you to enable it to use it.

How to hide the status icon from the notification bar on your Xiaomi phone?

There are two scenarios to consider regarding Working mode on your Xiaomi phone. The first is that bag icon It appears crossed out and the second one does not appear.

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If this is the case where the icon appears crossed out in the top bar of the screen, it is because Work mode disabled مع It is sufficient to activate it until it disappears from the notification bar.

How to hide the bag icon from the notification bar on a Xiaomi mobile phone

Here’s what you need to do to permanently remove the bag code on Xiaomi

To do this, you just have to go to MIUI Control Center and activate it or you can log in Parameters or Configuration In the search bar, type Work Mode > Activate Work Mode And ready.

How do you activate Enterprise or Professional Profile mode on your Xiaomi mobile phone?

For users with MIUI 12 who want to activate “company status” For the first time, follow these steps:

  • Entry ” Settings “ from your Xiaomi device.
  • hurry Additional Parameters.
  • At the bottom of the list you will see the option “company status”. Click on it then “Activate Business Mode”.

How to activate Business Mode or Professional Profile on your Xiaomi phone

Enter the “Settings” of the Xiaomi system

  • He will then ask about company code Yeah License code Used to start splicing.
  • Put the data provided by the administration.
  • Wait a moment while the system syncs with the corporate server and that’s it.

How to activate the bag code on Xiaomi

Activate Enterprise Mode, enter the verification code and wait for syncing

Now if it turns out that this code does not appear in a file Your Xiaomi’s notification bar, this is due to the fact that you are not using a file multiply apps or the The second space for your mobile phone.

For this reason, the system does not consider it necessary to activate this function and does not display the icon in the status bar. If you use one of these options, the . file in working mode.

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In short, you have nothing to fear, because your mobile phone is working properly. This symbol appears simply when You are updating to Android 11 And you have two apps or a second space running.

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