This new feature from Apple will allow you to control your iPhone or iPad with your eyes

The American multinational company on Wednesday announced new features coming to its mobile phones and tablets. Among these features, it will now be possible to control your device using only your eyes.

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The eye tracking system, powered by artificial intelligence, allows individuals to navigate between different applications without having to use their fingers.

This will use the front camera to configure and calibrate itself in a few seconds. It only works with iOS and iPadOS apps.

Eye tracking is especially made for people with physical disability.

“We strongly believe in the power of transformation and innovation to enrich people’s lives,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement.

Data used by this feature will be kept securely on the device and will not be shared with Apple.

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Other new features are coming

Three key features were also announced in the press release, including vehicle motion signals that can help reduce motion sickness. Moving dots will appear at the edges of the screen. They represent changes in the vehicle's movement to reduce sensory conflicts without interfering with the main content.

For people who are deaf and hard of hearing, Haptic Music provides a way to experience music with optimized textures and vibrations for every sound, including millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog.

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Finally, the new Atypical Speech Listen feature allows users to improve speech recognition for a wider range of speech. It is specifically designed for those with acquired or progressive conditions that affect speech, such as cerebral palsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or stroke. This convenience provides a new level of customization and control for those who are non-verbal or at risk of losing their ability to express themselves.

These jobs should be available to everyone by the end of 2024. Further announcements will be revealed in the coming months.

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