Apple MacBook Pros will host three new “M4” processors by the end of 2024

For once, Apple has introduced the fourth “in-house” SoC in the iPad Pro. The Cupertino company logically expects an influx toward its own MacBooks, but not only that, all Macs should eventually benefit from the Apple Silicon M4.

The first to logically be introduced would be the MacBook Pros, which previously benefited from the M3 in October 2023. An M3 with developments that are too shy to prompt buyers to renew their old Apple computers.

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Thus, the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros will have to take on the M4, M4 Pro, and M4 Max by the end of the year in order to support macOS Sequoia and its new AI-related features… sorry, Apple intelligence.

Thinner structure

According to the latest rumors, the MacBook Pro (2024) should benefit from a slimming treatment, just like the iPad, after Apple decided to improve all its products in the absence of taking advantage of real new technological features. More dexterity would indeed be welcome, with the length of the 14-inch MacBook Pro rising to 1.55cm and the 16-inch MacBook Pro to 1.68cm.

Bigger battery

The MacBook Pros are also rumored to accommodate a larger battery, at least relative to the 14-inch machine which currently has a 70Wh battery in the M3 model and 72.4Wh in the M3 Pro and M3 Max models. With the 16-inch already reaching the legal limit of 100 Wh, this increase in capacity may be a bad omen in terms of M4 consumption, but let's hope that Apple simply wants to increase the already significant autonomy of the MacBook Pro.

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Still no OLED or wifi 7?

Another idea that is gaining popularity is incorporating Apple's OLED panels into its MacBooks. If this technology is widely adopted by Asus and Samsung, the fruit company looks even more timid. In question, it's Samsung Display that prefers to supply manufacturers of Windows PCs rather than macOS devices.

pound sterling Wi-Fi 7 in MacBooks? The wireless standard, which is 4.8 times faster than the previous generation and allows achieving speeds of more than 3 Gbit / s, will not be expected before 2025 at Apple. So the M4 MacBook Pros shouldn't have the first of these.

The rest of the Mac lineup will likely be updated in 2025 with Apple's M4 processor, and the MacBook Air will likely benefit from the M4 and WiFi 7.

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