This novelty will make discussions more readable

This would make it easier to initiate and follow up conversations especially since the answers would follow each other as well as in discussion.

Credit: Twitch

Twitch Just announced the arrival of a new feature that will radically change the aesthetics of live chat. This feature is called «Chat responses» (Chat responses in French) and platform users are allowed to reply to a person’s comment in a new discussion format. To put it simply, by pressing a comment, you have the ability to respond directly to the person and your answer will be shown after that comment, away from the rest of the chat. Twitch has also posted on her account a small demo video with which we can watch a «Chat responses» at work.

This process will make live chats on Twitch a lot more visible, both for viewers and other viewers who want to step in. It will also allow you to create discussion threads on specific topics and engage the community. The format is similar to the format it can be found in Twitter, Even though it was already present on all networks prior to Twitch. So you will not feel overwhelmed when using it for the first time and will not have a hard time getting used to it.

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The feature starts up in about a year after testing it. Other related features are coming in the same update. For example, you will have the ability to initiate an answer by pressing both keys at the same time. “alternative” And the ‘Entrance’. Additionally, you can choose whether you want Twitch to show you all chat replies or only those that are relevant to you. So this is another step towards streamlining and customization on the part of Twitch.

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