Thuringia: a scandal in the JVA! The neo-Nazis smuggled that into his cell

Tons. Scandal in prison in Thuringia!

Right-wing extremist Felix R. He was in Tonna Prison from October 2019 to April 2020 (Thuringia). Now a report by MDR reveals incredible details of the prison sentence – and it doesn’t shed a good light on prison security precautions.

Thuringia: Neo-Nazis called in prison with illegal cell phones

Felix R., during his seven-month pretrial detention, reportedly owned at least three illegally obtained cell phones and even a USB stick.

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Usually cell phones are strictly prohibited in custody. The authorities fear that before trial, those involved might refuse to testify or intimidate other witnesses. This is exactly what happened in the Felix R. To a “remarkable extent,” according to the public prosecutor. The judiciary is talking about a “blackout”.

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Felix R.’s communication with fellow neo-Nazi riot group Jungstrom in prison with the help of contraband cell phones was already known to the judiciary when R was sentenced in July 2020 to three years and four months in prison. But at that time you were only expecting one illegally smuggled cell phone. The extent of the margin of safety remains unknown.

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Doubts about the prison security concept

As MDR reported, authorities learned by chance that Felix R. While monitoring the phones of other Jungstrom members.

At least three cell phones coordinated the effects and intimidation of witnesses during the detention period, according to a letter to the prison. Additionally, there is also a suspicion that Felix R. discussed these topics during the officially approved calls and phone visits. This raises serious doubts about the effectiveness of the prison security concept.

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A Department of Justice spokesperson told MDR that smuggling of cell phones into prison or attempts to do so is common. However, since employees are equipped with special search devices to track hidden cell phones, there is no reason to “take further action”.

Felix R. In prison for more than two and a half years

Three of the “Jungsturm” members that Felix R. spoke to over the phone while in detention are currently on trial before the Gera Regional Court. Allegations: forming a criminal organization, theft, and serious bodily harm.

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In November, the Gera Regional Court sentenced Felix R. For six months to two years and ten months. (at)

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