UNBOXING PS5 Digital Edition: We finally got our hands on this model without Blu-ray player

The release of the next-generation consoles is far beyond, in terms of frustration for players wanting to buy anything that was there before. to me Address information, Micromania Currently able to deliver controllers to customers who ordered on September 18th, Or the second day of pre-orders. As a reminder, these paintings were expected to be on November 19, roughly three months ago. So, of course, editors were equipped with a standard PlayStation 5 before its official release so they could test it and the games that have been released since then, butThe model without Blu-ray, was ordered as a customer from MicromaniaIt hasn’t been delivered to us yet, and we haven’t had a chance yet to see it “in real”.. Since we requested this digital PS5 release, we decided to take the camera – despite these two and a half months of delay in delivery – to offer you Take out from the box Beautiful house.

On the side of the packaging, We are far from the concept of defining it Microsoft Formatted for Xbox Series X.So it is a discharge without surprises or development. As with previous models, a box containing the console and accessories is inserted into a box. If an effort is made – knowing that there are no single-use plastics and that everything seems recyclable, in these times when the idea of ​​smart resource management seems essential – see a lot of unnecessary cardboard and paper (three paper notes, but why ?) For the console is a shame.

Open the box of PS5 Digital Edition 0031

However, upon receipt, the first thing that jumps out is that the box is black and blue instead of the white and blue for the standard version. Honestly, it’s classy even if blue and black aren’t always consistent. Once the beast released, we found it thinner and more aesthetically pleasing than the Blu-ray version, which doesn’t bother us. For the rest, nothing is different from his older sister, there are cables, instructions and a stand so that it can stand horizontally or vertically. Note that the latter is well thought out, and whether it’s the screw or the hatch cap that will fit it, there’s a location so it won’t lose it when not in use.

Aside from the absence of a Blu-ray player, the PS5 Digital Edition is technically the same hardware as the standard edition. In principle, for those who like to purchase their games digitally this might seem like the perfect solution. In fact, with its ridiculous storage capacity (825 GB), the weight of current products (several tens of GB) and The inability to install the games on an external storage medium, She can only delay the adults Players Who would like to have it. Despite everything, it remains an affordable alternative for casual players or “consumers” of lesser content.

We invite you to discover our homemade photos for unboxing on the next page of this article. If you are impatient, you can try observing The Fnac or Amazon To try order one.

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