Vanishing Grace is heading to Oculus Quest this month

After introducing a pre-alpha version to players on the SideQuest platform, Vanishing Grace will be flying in a few days at Oculus Quest and Quest 2.

A few hours ago, the studio Mountain lost Spread New trailer Regarding Vanishing graceIt is a very nice story puzzle game in virtual reality. The video in question (shown below) actually formalizes the title’s arrival at Oculus Quest and Quest 2.

Much appreciated for Side goalAnd the Vanishing grace It tells the story of the sudden disappearance of Grace or grace, Traveling. Her future hovercraft returned without disturbing her childhood friend Joel who decided next To use its devices to search for it. And so an adventure begins in the heart of devastated lands where the player, who plays Joel, must pilot and take care of his plane.

Vanishing grace It’s clear that it keeps its share of surprises with numerous riddles and riddles that will bring answers with kindness. About the mystery surrounding Grace’s disappearance. To help himself in the journey, the player will also have a spurt. This will also prove useful in gathering the energy needed to power the hovercraft.

Already visible in the section Soon and pre-orders From the Oculus Quest store, Vanishing grace To be officially released February 11, 2021. Exclusively for the standalone Facebook platform at the moment, however, it is rumored that it may later hit Steam and PSVR.

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