Video Analysis Reveals the Performance of Classic Games for PSX and PS2 –

Posted by the YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits Video analysis Some classic games from the new subscription list PlayStation Plus, Generally disappointing performance detection even on powerful consoles like the PS5. Let’s talk about games that preceded some generations PSX and PS2So it can be theoretically easily managed by emulation from the hardware of the latest Sony consoles.

However, the theory clashes with practice. PSX games also run on the PS5 at native resolution of 1440p, but performance is desirable, with some games having very significant drops in framerate and certainly not optimal fluidity. For example, some headers run at 20fps, while others have a trembling framerate. PS2 games have their own 720p resolution on all platforms, but generally perform better than PSX games.

Confirmed that some games are in the PAL version and only one game is currently available PSP Available (Echochrome), which runs on 1080p. Note also that PSX and PSP games have separate PS4 and PS5 versions, there is only one version of PS2 games: PS4 One. Of course they run on the PS5, but with lagging compatibility.

Many point out that some Free emulators For PC they perform incredibly well even at lower configurations than the PS5, but even beyond the PS4 they push the games up to 4K resolution and use filters that are much nicer to look at.

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