Video games: a dozen coffee break games

Back to the office is synonymous with the return of commas! In order to ventilate neurons, here are some quick mini games for computer or phone, which allow you to relax quickly.


His name is Neil Agarwal and he does a lot of funny things. His latest innovation? The boulders are neatly stacked on your screen – and fall in slow motion. On his site, he also offers laughable little apps like the one with which you can spend Bill Gates money, watch some websites from 10 years ago – Amazon and CNN have changed a lot – and make music electric by incorporating ambient noise, be careful, on the other hand Don’t forget that your break has an end!


Why do you ask yourself “QWOP”? Because these are the keys you will need to press. To do what exactly? To maneuver a 100-meter runner… quite simply. And when I say “just”, it’s not that easy. The switches involved control the athlete’s legs, arms, hips and thighs, and poor timing causes them to fall off in seconds. Come on, victory may not be at hand, but laughter is guaranteed.


If you like easy math, here is a little game for the phone that requires some intelligence. You must drag the squares to create multiples of the three. Each game lasts about five minutes, the rules are easy to understand, and the music and sound effects add to the fun.

wiki game

One of the most original fast-paced games, “The Wiki Game”, is sure to wake your mind. Le but est clair: il vous faut, dans le temps imparti, aller d’une page à une autre en suivant des liens, comme, par exemple, partir d’Elton John pour arriver à la ruée vers l’or en California (oui , I passed!). It requires focus, quick reading and a certain form of logic because we have to admit that the relationship between the electric chair and HTML is not at all obvious.

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You are kind of a snake. On the screen, full of red dots that you have to avoid. Sometimes blue or green dots appear, which gives you various benefits, such as slowing down the pass of the red dots or giving you temporary invincibility. The game is also available for iOS.

Tower of books

Do you like reading? Can you stack books on top of each other without dropping them? This is what you need to achieve, knowing that stacked books scroll horizontally and you cannot control their fall otherwise. Not easy, but addictive (and my best score is a nine, proof that I haven’t played enough!). And speaking of the impossibility of stopping to play, this site offers an impressive amount of mini-games including “endless jogging”, infinite races with a fairly simple goal or the very cynical “Kitten Cannon” game…second class.

jigsaw puzzles

Do you love puzzles, but don’t have to leave them on the table for hours or even days? This site offers thousands of puzzles, categorized by topic. On the plus side, you can choose the number of pieces – from 20 to 500 depending on the look you prefer – classic, mosaic, square, etc. – And your puzzle is automatically saved every minute.

The digital broadcasting giant is jumping at the games, but don’t look for them on your TV or computer because the titles are only available for free to subscribers through the mobile app. For now, since the show is only still in its infancy, there is no avalanche of titles. There is a basketball game, one of “Stranger Things” and one of billiards. To access it, you have to download the app, identify yourself and go to the Games tab or perform a search with Netflix Games.

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link book



Threes: Casting iOS and Android

Wiki game:

winding: Book Tower:

Jigsaw puzzles:

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