Virtual reality arrives in museums…

Edouard Manet, On a Boat, 1874
© Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York –

How can we bring the artistic revolution of Impressionism back to life for audiences far from any museum? How can we introduce Monet's Water Lilies to young people who can't go to Giverny or the Orangerie Museum? How can we understand the global influence of Impressionism when it was a result of these works being published in museums around the world?

To answer these questions, Micro-Folie launches a new collection of its digital museum dedicated to the Impressionist movement on the occasion of its 150th anniversary: ​​by making works in ultra-high resolution accessible to everyone and accompanying these images with mediation tools to facilitate their discovery.

The Micro-Folie project is a system of cultural policy supported by the Ministry of Culture and coordinated by La Villette in collaboration with 12 national founding institutions: the Center Pompidou, the Palace of Versailles, the City of Music – Paris Orchestra, and Avignon. Festival, Arab World Institute, Louvre Museum, Paris National Picasso Museum, Orsay Museum, Quai Branly Museum – Jacques Chirac, Paris National Opera, Union of National Museums – Grand Palais and University.

Une Micro-Folie is a modular space that offers enjoyable access to the works of the largest national museums thanks to the Digital Museum, the heart of the system, which presents more than 3,800 digital works, from a network of 250 partner cultural institutions, both national, regional and international. La Micro-Folie also offers complementary activities to the Digital Museum, such as FabLab, virtual reality space, theatre, Café Folie (café, bookstore, games library)… It is designed as a local cultural structure, widely open to support and highlight local initiatives.

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Each Micro-Folie is organized around its own digital museum. Bringing together several thousand works from numerous institutions and museums, this digital art exhibition is a unique cultural offering that arouses curiosity. Fine arts, architecture, scientific cultures, and performing arts are an open door to the diversity of humanity's treasures. In speaker mode, the digital museum is particularly suitable for arts and cultural education courses.

– Micro-Folie de la Ferme de Vaux – Gastins © Nicolas Krief –

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