Various facts – Justice – The security director steals 7,600 pieces of underwear and resells them on the Leboncoin website

Court hearings are sometimes more exciting than a good Netflix series. The one that took place at the beginning of June before the Marseille Criminal Court had all the ingredients of a good fantasy: a security director for an underwear brand accused of theft, and an accomplice who tried to resell the crime object without finding a buyer. Or even… a private investigator assigned by the administration to track down the valuable underwear found on Leboncoin!

But Henry F. and Fares S., the two main heroes, did not want to laugh when they appeared in court on charges of theft and receiving stolen property. The case began with a complaint filed by Home at the beginning of 2019. After the inventory conducted at the end of 2018, management realized that 7,633 products were missing, most of them in inventory designated for e-commerce or resold to employees through the works council.

€323,287 estimated damages

Flying underwear, socks and pajamas represented damage worth 323,287 euros, according to internal estimates. While the initial investigation began, Home's management also launched a private investigator to track down the stolen Leboncoin boxers.

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