The kits needed to build a TV the size of a coin

It requires no welding or special tools and is fully functional


its name TinyTV It is a DIY kit released by American brand TinyCircuits Allowing anyone to build a file Small tv works Right at home and in a few minutes: no welding or special tools required.

The chassis, slightly smaller than the AirPods Pro charging case – about 42 x 35mm – is 3D-printed and recalls the design of early 1970s CRT TVs with side buttons and a switch. / turning off.

The Arduino mini TV works with a 32-bit Arm processor and a color OLED screen supported by a 290 mAh battery Which can link to 5 hours of autonomy: There is a USB connector to recharge it.

It has a speaker, but it obviously doesn’t have an antenna but it can play mp4 files stored on a micro SD memory card. If that wasn’t enough, the kit also includes TinyRemote: A small remote control with an infrared sensor and six useful buttons for accessing the TV, changing channels and adjusting the volume. At the end of the assembly, the cover can be painted and decorated with traditional acrylic colors.

If the idea of ​​building a small TV at home appeals to you, TinyTV is available for $ 74.95 – approx 60 euros Delivery is also expected in Italy.

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